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Youth National Team Invite for EVO player Madelyn White

EVO 05 EDGE Forward Madelyn White Makes Club History with YNT Identification Invite

Profile: Madelyn ‘RED’ White

  • EVO 05 EDGE and Gretna HS Freshman

  • 14 Years of age

  • NE Best 11 in 2019 NE State Cup

  • Forward for EVO 05 EDGE

Madelyn White is one of only 3 players from Nebraska in the 05/06 age group to be invited to The U.S. Soccer Federation YNT (Youth National Team) Identification Center In Kansas City, KS. This evening she will compete with 25 players from Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska for a chance to become part of the national team pool. Good luck Madelyn!!

Comments from Club Founder Chris Brunt

“Good luck Madelyn!! The coaching staff wishes we could go watch you this evening but we have to stay and get EDGE and the rest of EVO ready for the SLSG Friendlies!! Compete like you know how and you will no doubt emerge as a top talent!”

We will do a follow up experience article with Madelyn after her tryout. The players will compete in a closed environment designed to perfectly replicate a full national team camp. If you have not seen Madelyn play before she is the fastest 05 player in the state of Nebraska and she has produced several important goals for 05 EDGE. Many different members of Evolution have had a hand in watching Madelyn and all of the great players in EDGE develop, we are excited to see that hard work start to pay off. Madelyn’s success is all of our success at EVO and she is paving the way for us to get all of our kids to the level they aspire to! GO on Madelyn!!

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