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Questions you should be asking yourself when writing a property buying plan:

1. What problem (need) do we solve by buying real estate?

2. What should be the property in order to fully solve the problem (to satisfy our need)?

3. In what area (city) should the property be located in order to fully solve the problem (satisfy our need)

4. Do we know this city (district) well enough to buy real estate there now?

5. Why did we start solving the problem right now (trying to satisfy the need)?

6. Is it possible for us to postpone the purchase of real estate?

7. What will we do with this property in 3, 5, 7, 10 years?

8. Do we have enough funds to buy real estate that solves the problem (meeting the needs) in this area?

9. What are our financial opportunities?

If we are not on budget, are we ready to:

a) change the area;

b) change the requirements for the real estate itself;

c) cancel the deal now.

If the answer to the tenth question is “a”, then we go to point 4, if the answer is “b”, we go to point 2, if the answer is “c”, we go to point 5, and then we answer the questions again.

Answers to these questions must be given by each participant in the transaction. So you can see the discrepancies in the plans.


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